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This mine integrates data for multiple legume species, currently string bean, soybean, peanut and barrel medic. It is currently under development by LegFed/NCGR as a demo built from the LIS tripal.chado database (genomic data) as well as exports from other sources (e.g. LIS, Soybase, Peanutbase). Contact Sam Hokin: shokin at ncgr dot org.

Latest updates (v0.6, 25 October 2016)

  • Flanking regions 5kb upstream and downstream of genes have been added.
  • Introns have been added.
  • Linkage group and genetic map report pages now show a graphical map with the locations of markers and QTLs on the linkage group(s).
  • A new Shared Motif Search is now conducted in list analysis of gene flanking regions.
  • Genomic region search has a new checkbox to enforce strand-specific searches. Minus strand regions are indicated by start>end a la BLAST.
  • Gene.note (from chado.featureprop) has been deprecated in favor of Gene.description (from chado.gene).
  • Synteny blocks and regions now have names compatible with JBrowse, i.e. Chr:start..end.